About Us

The HCD Network was founded in 2017 in Sydney, Australia, but is now based out of our HQ in Dublin, Ireland.

At that time, we identified that there is such an overwhelming appetite and need for learning about the disciplines that surround HCD (UX, Service Design, Design Thinking, IX, Product Management) and wanted to create content that not only appealed to everyone but actually included a representative voices of the people from different experience levels.

We don’t differentiate between sub-groups of Design and we like to ask the big questions, about what are we as an industry trying to achieve? We truly believe that to practice human-centered design, you need to be human-centered.

This is HCD

Since launching our very first podcast and piece of content of May 2017, our listenership has grown to nearly 4,000 subscribers across 110 countries, with ~9,000 downloads a month. We now produce 5 dedicated podcasts on the This is HCD Podcast Network. These include;

  • Power of Ten – Dr. Andy Polaine
  • ProdPod – Adrienne Tan
  • EthnoPod – Dr. John Curran
  • Bringing Design Closer – Gerry Scullion
  • Talking Shop – All
  • Getting Started in Design – Gerry Scullion

We are the #1 human-centered design podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

The HCD Network Conference 2020

We are working on our very first conference in 2020. Want to get involved? Get in touch.